Wild Mouse


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Wild Mouse

There have been a lot of new steel wild mouse coasters built in this country recently. This one is much more traditional. It's a wooden wild mouse coaster, instead of the more common steel variety. The cars are also smaller, and have you sitting much lower on the track.

It may appear at first that this ride isn't that special. Apart from the cars there isn't much theming, and you may be fooled into thinking it's just a mouse coaster made of wood.

This ride however is not just a normal mouse coaster. This ride is something special. The corners and drops are far more intense and exciting than most normal mouse coasters by a long way. It really does throw you out of your seat, either to the side, or strait up. Even on small tame looking drops your lifted up a couple of inches. It's one of the most exciting mouse coasters I've been on. A mouse coaster that really deserves to be called Wild.