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I started my last Grand National review with this line, but like a good cast (old film reference) it's worth repeating. If ever there was a ride that deserved the label "classic" this is it. It's been thrilling visitors to Blackpool since it opened in 1935, and still holds the status as on of the park's, and even the UK's top coasters all these years later.

The layout is relatively basic, consisting of some straits with a number of bumps, with a few turns to keep the ride within the park, and point you back to the station. It provides lots of good air time thrills, as it lifts you out of your seat on each bump, so it's not hard to see why it remains popular today.

The big question I have is how does the grand-daddy hold up when compared to the new breed. Certainly there are now more exciting woodies like Megaphobia, Balder (Liseberg, Sweeden) and Troy (Toverland, Holland) that tare around the track with a higher sensation of speed, following a more thrilling and twisted layout. To be honest though it doesn't seem fare to make a direct comparison between this ride and those rides. It seems more fare to compare this with the modern family woodies like Falken (Farup Sommerland, Denmark) and Robin Hood (Walibi Holland).


So how does the Grand National compare to the great modern family woodies. It's a hard decision, but if you put a gun to my head and forced me to choose, I'd give the modern ones the edge in terms of thrills, but would ultimately give it to the Grand National, because it is so much more fun. This comes from the racing between the two different trains. The tracks consists of one long Mobius loop, meaning there are two tracks parallel to each other, with a train racing on each track. Over the years this has brought me many fun and exciting moments, from exciting close races, to completely white washing the opposition. It's such a fun gimmick I can't understand why it hasn't been done more. This is a great family coaster which should be on your must do list when visiting the park.