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Ever since I first rode this ride when  it was known as the Zipper Dipper it's a ride I've had a bit of a soft spot for. It was built in 1934 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company who believe it or not are still going. In fact they were responsible for Megaphobia. It's hard to believe a company can build a kids coaster in the UK in 1934, then 62 years later build on of the UK's major coasters, but it happened. 

This ride was intended as a smaller version of the larger roller coasters at the park, to provide something the younger members of the family could also enjoy. Since 1934 it has continued to do just that. It's not as thrilling as some of the big boys rides, but than again that's not the point. Instead it provides a small version of a traditional wooden coaster that provides a mild level of thrill that everyone can enjoy. Although it would be an easy ride to skip in terms of thrills, there is a sentimental part of me that will never be able to resist giving this a quick go.