Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Alice in Wonderland
Avatar Airbender
The Big Dipper
The Big One
Blue Flyer
Chinese Puzzle Maze
Derby Racer
Dora's World Voyage
Flying Machine
Ghost Train
The Grand National
The Ice Blast
Nickelodeon Streak
River Caves
Spongebob's Splash Bash
Wild Mouse

If you look at this ride analytically there are faults to find. It is quite a rough ride, where the track does feel very bumpy, and there's the block breaking, which is very noticeable, which slows you down to a very slow speed, and takes a lot away from the thrills of the helix at the end of the ride.

I wondering if these problems which have emerged should mean the score should go down. However the more I thought about it the more I was reluctant to do it. Despite these flaws this ride is still hugely enjoyable.

The hill lift itself is still pretty tense, and provides a great view, especially if you go on after dark.

The first drop though ism the best part. It sees you plunging around 200 foot in a very short time, around a very steep sharp corner. This is an incredibly intense and exciting drop. It's worth going on the ride, just for that on its own.


The next part of the ride is still pretty exciting, with some good hills and a large sweeping corner, all still at a good exciting speed. Not quite as exciting as the first drop as you go over bumps and around corners above other attractions.

The last part, as I've already mentioned is destroyed in part by the over breaking. It is well designed, an exciting helix, and turns and tunnels, but it's slowed down to much by the breaks so the excitement is properly fulfilled.

However it's still worth going on it for the first drop alone. There are problems, but overall it's still a great ride, and it's still one of my favourites in this country.