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The Big Dipper has always slotted in between the Velvet Coaster/ Roller Coaster/ Nickelodeon Streak (delete as appropriate) and the Grand National in terms of age and thrills. In terms of popularity it's always done well, generating queues as long as the Grand National on a regular basis. All things considered I can't see why not, this is a great classic ride worthy of your attention.

It starts with an odd roundabout route that sees you going around a turn out of the station, up a small initial hill lift, and following another roundabout route to the main hill lift. Perhaps evidence that space
saving was an issue for the park, even when this ride opened in 1923

After the main hill lift it follows a simplistic rate that sees you riding over a series of hills on long route, with only a mild turn to keep within the park boundaries. Then at the en
d the track does a U-turn so you return to the station following a route parallel to the one you just came.
It may be a simple layout, but it's an effective one that generates fun and thrills in good measures as your lifted out of your seat at the top of each bump. A ride that shows that even old classics can prove effective today.