The Wight Experience


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Wight Experience

Originally this wasn't a ride that was high on out to do list. It was described as a 15 minute film about the Isle of Wight. Having already been on the tourism websites, plus this has never been the sort of thing to hold our attention when we've visited a museum, it wasn't something we prioritised over a lot of other things at the park we wanted to do. When we were subjected to some of the worst weather we've ever encountered on a trip to a park though, suddenly getting out of the rain for 20 minutes seemed like a much more appealing idea.


Despite my initial misgivings I found things had been pulled off pretty well. Rather than rely on a narrator to keep interest up it instead relies on some spectacular photography taken from a helicopter. This is used to show you some of the islands favourite tourist spots like The Needles, Carisbrooke Castle and not unsurprisingly Robin Hill and Black Gang Chine.

Despite the lack of motion seats or 4D effects found in most theme park cinemas, thanks to the spectacular photography this is still a good attraction. At 15 minutes in length the film perhaps outstays it's welcome a little, but this isn't enough to stop it being an attraction worth doing at least once.