Black Gang Chine
Crooked House
Musical Pet Shop
Rumpus Mansion
Sailor's Return
Smuggler's Cave
Weather Wizard
Wight Experience

Thinking about it, this would be the ride I'd say was Black Gang Chine's signature attraction. I reckon it has to be one of the most bizarre signature attractions anywhere. It takes place in an old house, and not just a facade either, it's all in the bottom of a real old house. I wonder what the top floor is used for.


You wander around the old corridors past various spooky models. If though your expecting something along the line of a traditional ghost train your in for a surprise. The creatures that inhabit this house are of a different style. A lot of the inspiration here comes from Pagan mythology, with many of the scenes depicting creatures of nature.

It's an unusual idea, but it's been pulled off well. All of the models are of great quality. Another good thing is an effort has been made to tell a story with each scene, which along with some fun humour means you always feel drawn in. Despite taking twice as long to do as any other walk through attraction at the park my interest didn't wane, and I even wanted a repeat ride later in the day.

Overall a quirky and unusual old fashioned attraction, that still provides a great level of fun and entertainment.