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Musical Pet Shop
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This is an attraction I wasn't expecting to be more than a quick distraction. It takes place in a small room, with just one place to view some models. Instead it turned out to be one of our favourite attractions of the park.


It's a small room, where the central model is the main counter of the musical pet shop. Around this are a load of smaller models containing different inhabitants of the musical pet shop. One thing that helps here is there are a large number of booths, each with there own animals. There's a nice bit of humour among them, plus all the animals have a level of character that comes across. For a small area you can spend a surprising amount of time looking for humorous touches.

You can do more than just look though. A fun catchy tune plays in the shop, and when press one of the buttons one of the animals animates and sings along in time to the music. This feature helps up the humour and charm in an attraction that wasn't lacking in either to start with.

It may not be the most sophisticated attraction about, but it's full of fun, and I came away loving it.