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The crooked house is a ride that seems to have had it's day, as it's hard to see anywhere, other than the Dreamland Margate heritage trust ever building one again. At least, despite loosing the ones at Felixstowe and Southport, there are still quite a few examples in the UK. As well as this one there's one in Southend, Dymchurch Amusement Park and Ocean Beach. They see you walking around a themed crooked house with tilted walls and floors, viewing various humorous scenes.


This example was built back in 1968, and to be honest it doesn't look like a lots been done to it since then. The corridors have been painted black with no special features, and the figures in the scene look like rejected shop window dummies. A lot of the items and decor also look like something from the 60's, including a child's duvet cover, being used by a full grown adult.

I can't deny that some aspects of this ride are a bit rubbish. This doesn't mean that it lacks charm though. There are still some nice humorous touches in the scenes, and it has a certain nostalgic charm. If your after major thrills, then this isn't the ride, or even the park for you. If though you'll settle for a bit of retro amusement, this attraction provides that.