Black Gang Chine
Crooked House
Musical Pet Shop
Rumpus Mansion
Sailor's Return
Smuggler's Cave
Weather Wizard
Wight Experience

Thinking about it there are quite a few parallels to be drawn between Black Gang Chine and Adventure Island Southend. Not quite as many since Adventure Island modernised by getting ride of some it's old walk through attractions, but both are still by the sea, have a lot of history, a crooked house, a water slide and a roller coaster with the same layout. Adventure Island's is called the Mighty Mini Mega, here it's the catchier Cliffhanger.


The layout is where a lot of the similarities end. Some were evident even before departing the station. Obviously it's green, not yellow, this one also has a seat belt as well as the lap bar, which could be a problem for larger visitors, as the belt didn't offer that much extra room. Another nice bonus was the operator announced we'd get 2 laps of the track, which I've never seen done at Adventure Island, even on a quiet day.

The big difference came though upon riding it. For a family coaster in a compact area it has a complex layout with a lot of twists and turns. It takes these with a lot more energy than I've experienced at Adventure Island, meaning the sensation of speed is much higher, making it a more exciting ride.

It seems a bit redundant to say the park's only roller coaster should be on your to do list when visiting, the good news though this is a good family roller coaster that doesn't disapoint.