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One word of advice if you do decide to pay this attraction pre book your ticket. The queue to get in has been known to get up to a couple of hours, and can still be long on what would be considered a quiet off peak day.

Once you get inside you enter the world famous waxworks museum. There are 3 areas dedicated to models of famous celebrities and personalities which you start at. The first is dedicated to pop stars and other mainstream celebrities like actors and comedians. The second area goes for more of a classic Hollywood style feel, including classic film stars and directors. The third area is called the world stage and concentrates on British and world leaders, past and present, and a range of sport stars.


These 3 areas are pretty good. Most of the models (apart from a few world leaders) are pretty life like, and you are allowed to get close up and interact with most of them, which adds an element of fun to the whole proceedings.

It's after these 3 areas that the standards slip a little bit. The chamber of horrors is next, which is a nicely themed, if a little on the small side. The big let down when I went was a walk through attraction with live actors. Although it's nicely themed the whole effect when I went was ruined by some poor organisation. At the start when the rules where explained by a member off staff I felt more like I was back at school, than going on paying attraction. Also the timing of letting people in seemed a little random. When we did it a lot of it was ruined because we could see what was going to happen due to a few people shortly in front of us. I think this attraction needs a bit of reorganisation in order for it to work better.

After this it was the spirit of London ride. This is a scenic ride loosely based on the history of London. It's only of an average standard, and left me feeling better could be done with it.

Finally you can visit the Planetarium, which usually has a pretty impressive and spectacular show on, although some of them might not fully appeal to an older age market, it's a nice way to visit of a kids visit.

Overall although there are a few dodgy aspects, the good things do outweigh the bad things. The thing that stops me recommending it completely is the price. When I went it was almost 25.00, although this does go down towards the end of the day. Still this is a little on the excessive for an attraction of this nature, which your only likely to spend a maximum of 3 to 4 hours at, especially when you consider quite a lot space is dedicated to pay extra attractions.

It's a good attraction, but I wouldn't say it's worth paying the entrance fee for unless you have some sort of money off voucher, or a Merlin season pass to keep the price down.