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London Bridge Experience
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My last visit to London included a trip to the London Bridge area that had kind of a poetic feel. It just so happened that my first visit to this coincided with my last ever visit to The London Dungeon before it's relocated to it's new location on South Bank.

There are some obvious comparisons, being similar style attractions. Upon entry you make your way down a dark corridor, that has a few clever surprises, down to a museum area. Here there are some displays telling you some of the history of the area. After a while a guide turns up to take you around the first part of the tombs. This is reminiscent of the Dungeons as it sees you going from scene to scene where there is some entertainment related to the history of London.


Sadly I don't think this part came across as well as it could have. One problem was the fact everyone was given a handset that played commentary as you went round. This would be handy for people who speak limited English, but for me things just came across as a mess. If didn't help that the commentary often started early, before I'd had a chance to place the handset to my ear. The other issue was the guide was doing a talk at the same time, which means you were trying to concentrate on two things at once, and consequently couldn't concentrate on either properly.

Even without the handset things still felt a little chaotic, verging dangerously close to the feel of children's party entertainment at times. It's a shame as there are some good spooky locations, so with a bit of organisation, accompanied by some spooky stories it could be an effective experience. It's not terrible as things are, but overall things felt like a missed opportunity.

It does end with a good flourish though with the vortex section. It's one of the most disorientating spinning tunnels I've ever walked through. After that, and what seemed like an unnecessarily long time waiting to have our photo taken, and waiting around after a video explaining the rules for the operator to let us back out it was on to the main attraction; The London Tombs.

This is a very large walk through horror attraction with costumed actors to provide scares. This is where the spooky location really come in to it's own, as the underground tunnels are a dark and claustrophobic location, perfect for this type of attraction. They haven't just settled for the tunnels though, with all of the maze being well themed, and several obstacles to keep an eye out for along the way.

What's also a nice touch is there are several themed areas along the way, that apart from the circus area still fit in with the spooky tombs. Visiting locations such as a horror hospital, industrial wastelands and a spooky motel shower room despite the long length of the maze nothing ever felt repetitive or uninteresting.

The long length though is responsible for the mazes main flaw. The actors (apart from the one who had to scramble to put on his mask as I came through the curtain) all did a good job. The encounters though didn't seem frequent enough. I've been on long mazes like this that have long dark corridors to create tension between encounters. Here though they've gone for a more freaky atmosphere, with more going on visually, the encounters between actors felt a little sparse for this style.

To be fair this is a year round attraction so it will be less financially viable to have a larger number of actors like you'd get on a seasonal attraction. It's hardly a fatal flaw either, as it was still a great, well themed horror attraction.

So one I'd recommend? There's only one thing stopping me giving a full recommendation, the price. Even if you pre-book and get an online discount it still feels on the pricey side for what you get. Luckily when we went we had a 2 for 1 discount voucher, and at this price it was well worth it. Sadly those vouchers aren't as common to come across as a lot of other discounts. Without this I think it's still one that a fan of horror attractions is going to want to do at least once, but it's not one I'd prioritise making another visit to, knowing I can get more for my money elsewhere.