Ghost Train

London Bridge Experience
The London Eye
Madame Tussauds

Of the 3 main investments in London for the Millennium I think this one has been the most successful. Although that's not saying much when you consider the other two. One's a giant upturned Wok, that had an exhibition where one of the hi lights was a giant fibreglass heart. The other one was a footbridge that cost a small fortune to build, and required another small fortune before it was safe to walk on.


The London eye is now one of London's major landmarks. It's a huge observational Ferris wheel.

At first I was a little dubious of it. There's a charge in excess of 10.00 to get on. This did seem a little steep in order to go on it.

 Once I was on it though I was treated to some spectacular views of London. It's just across the Thames from big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and provides a great view of that, but also gives spectacular views of the Thames and across London. Part of the fun is trying to spot other famous London landmarks.

Overall I concluded that having a go was just about worth the asking price. It is something I would recommend when visiting London.