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Looking at the  scenic ride charts there are now quite a few spookily themed rides on the list. This is quite a turn around from when the charts first started, then most spooky themed rides failed to make the charts. This was the ride that first broke the duck by charting well, it's also one of the highest regarded dark rides going.

A big bonus to start with is the setting. It's been set in some of the big halls in the Towers themselves, which offers a very impressive and spooky location. This is helped by the theming, story and and cleverly subtle effects used in the queue area and the halls you walk in to. Everything works wonderfully together to immerse you in the gothic Hammer Horror style experience.


Personally I think the weakest section is the haunted swing section at the end. It's still a very good section, with some good effects, that still sets high standards for this type of ride. However I don't feel all the effects, and the process of being loaded into the swing create the same suspension of disbelief the first parts of the ride do. This isn't to big a problem though, as even this section outclasses a lot of other dark rides by a long way.

Overall though this ride sets very high standards, and is one of the most well executed dark ride experiences out there.