Congo River Rapids


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Congo River Rapids
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I think of this ride as one of Alton Tower's forgotten heroes. This ride was here when I first visited the park way back in 1990, although without the Wild West theming, which was added when the Mine Train was in 1992. That's going back to pre Nemesis days, when the addition of the Mine Train was big news.

Despite this, it's age doesn't  show and it's still one of the best set of rapids I've been on. The addition of the Mine Train and the accompanying Wild West theming does help, it's quite fun when you see the Mine Train go past.


The ride also has some good features. As well as a wave pool, it's got a good waterfall feature as well. What really makes this a good ride is the pace it sets. There are very few dull moments with the boats maintaining a fast pace throughout, and you're never far from the next bump or rapid. This is a good rides, that at a lot of parks would be one of the main attractions. Even with Alton Tower's great ride selection I'd still put this on my must do list when paying a visit.