Alton Towers
Chocolate Factory
Congo River Rapids
The Flume
Runaway Mine Train
Sharkbait Reef
Sonic Spinball
Twirling Toadstool

This ride has come in for a bit of flack, especially when it first opened. I believe this is because a lot of people were hoping for something that would compete with Nemesis on the thrills front. Instead we've got a ride that concentrates on trying to create it's own unique experience of the feeling of flying round the track. An experience more suitable for families, as opposed to those looking for all out thrills.

I think it does an excellent job of creating this experience. By far the best part has to be near the beginning when the train does a half flip, meaning you go round the track lying on your back. That's not the only hi-light though, the full twist later on is also fun.

I think what really makes this ride is the landscaping. It's been well designed with you flying over and under various paths and landscaped areas. I think this is really what brings this ride up a couple of notches. It may not compete with a lot of other rides in terms of white knuckle thrills, it still creates it's own unique memorable experience.