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Time Machine

One thing that makes Adventure Island stand out is it has it's own workshop where a number of it's rides are made on sight. There are a number of examples of a ride manufacturer owning a park that they use to showcase their rides, but a small park making their own rides just to use on site is a rareity.

Up until now all they've produced have been kids thrill rides like the Sk8borda and Fireball. The Time Machine is the first attempt at a thrill ride for grown ups. As you might expect it's a simplistic set up, working like a fast moving carousel. The main thrills come from the seats that change position during the ride.


The first change is at the start when the seats tip up, leaving you lying on your back, facing strait up. Lying like this, seeing nothing but sky and part of the Green Scream coaster while spinning around is an experience in itself. The ride doesn't stop there though, as the seats turn during the ride you end up spinning while facing strait up, strait down, backwards and forwards. Not only does this change your view, it also effects how the high g-force effects your body. You then end up with a number of different experiences during the ride. Overall it's a good innovative new thrill ride that's a must do if your at the park.