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For a family coaster with a tyre drive hill lift this ride actually goes comparatively high. The thinking seems to be that if there's not room for a coaster on the ground build it higher up so other rides can be fitted under it.

Another triumph of design here is they've managed to keep the flow going on it. The train themed around a crocodile, like one of the parks mascots, is very long. On most coasters with a long train similar to this, not even as long as the one here, I've found there to be a big loss of flow, with the train slowing down at various points of the ride. When I rode this one there was only one brief point of slowdown, which actually worked in the rides favour as it accentuated the burst of acceleration that followed it.


The rest of the ride maintains a good pace, with a good feeling of speed  and exposure you'd expect from a good example of this type of ride. As a mid sized family coaster it's never going to rank as the most thrilling coaster, but it's a good example of this type of ride.