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I'm going to start this review by doing something I don't normally do, write about a ride manufacturer. The reason I feel compelled to talk about this rides maker Gerstlauer is because of the huge splash they've made in the roller coaster world. They've only been manufacturing roller coasters for a short period of time, but they're already one of the hottest companies going. Rage is the UK's 3rd Gerstlauer coaster, the first 2 being the Cobra at Paultons Park, and Speed at Oakwood. The Cobra is a Gerstlauer bobsled, one of 3 I've ridden in various locations, and they provide  some of the best examples of fun family coasters I've been on. Speed at Oakwood, along with this one are Eurofighter coasters. These coasters are most noticeable for their vertical hill lift, followed by a beyond vertical first drop. Speed at Oakwood though is more than a gimmick ride, following it's beyond vertical drop with a thrilling and intense ride experience. You only have to look at the position of the Gerstlauer coasters in the ride charts to see why they're all the Rage.


That little play on words brings me to the ride itself. From a distance it's bright and colourful structure fits in to it's surroundings very well. If you didn't  know it had replaced a log flume you could believe the ride was originally intended to fit in it's current location. When you get closer it doesn't quite keep this effect, with some areas of bare concrete making it feel a little bleak compared to the rest of the park. It's not a major problem though and hopefully will be put right with the addition of some decoration, or I reckon you could fit one or two small family rides around it.

The hill lift and first drop bring inevitable comparisons with Speed. The shorter hill, mean it doesn't create quite as much tension on the chain lift as Speed. Luckily this doesn't stop the first drop from being very fun and exhilarating, definitely my favourite part. The rest of the ride I was expecting to be like a shorter and less intense version of Speed, instead it plays out more like a thrilling version of The Cobra.

Like the Cobra the main emphasis isn't on G-force or creating a sensation of speed, the emphasis is on a fun ride layout. The layout is expertly designed with the car constantly passing from one exciting ride element to another without any hint of letting up at any point, and has enough variety in the design to keep it interesting throughout. Even at under a minutes ride time the ride doesn't feel short as it packs so much in. It does remind me a little bit of the track design of Nemesis at Alton Towers. Rage might not have the same setting and the same level of thrilling intensity but the layout design is just as good. The level of thrills and intensity and the emphasis on fun makes it an almost perfect signature ride for Adventure Islands intended family, and family thrill seeker target audience.

Judging by the response to this ride, perhaps the most enthusiastic I've seen members of the general public about a ride, it should be a hit, and see Adventure Island's stock rise. Hopefully the park can put together a good promotion and media campaign for this ride so this ride and Adventure Island get the local and national recognition with the public they thoroughly deserve.