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During my gap between visits to the park a number of rides had been given a makeover. The one I had the most concerns about was Beezle Bob's Trail, that hadn't just been spruced up, but completely rebranded as Over The Hill. The old version was a ride I ranked highly, so a replacement would have to be good to avoid being a dissapointment.

One difference is some of the scenes are more timing based, with models popping up, or lights coming on. This does mean you get a slightly different experience depending where in the train you sit. Luckily though everything is of a high standard, so you still get a great ride, regardless of where you sit.

It's still a spookily themed dark ride, but the bright and colourful interpretation of famous monsters have gone. The models still have a cartoony feel in terms of design, and the colour palette used is mostly black white and grey. A good spooky atmosphere is created, resulting in a good fun ride. This all leads up to a very clever idea for the rides finale, that still holds up as entertaining on repeat rides with the initial surprise (which I won't spoil here) has gone.

So how does this hold up against Beezle Bob's Trail? I think I prefer the original, but it's a close run thing, so you can hardly call this a poor substitute for it. It might be a bit scary for the very young, but for everyone else it's a great fun dark ride.