Park Review


Adventure Island
The Crooked House
The Dragon's Claw
Drop N Smile
Ferris Wheel
Gold Mine
Green Scream
Kiddi Koasta
Mighty Mini Mega
Over The Hill
Pharaoh's Fury
Ramba Zamba
Sky Drop
Tidal Wave
Time Machine

It's surprising to think that on my last visit it had been over 5 years since my last visit. There was a period in the early and mid 00's when I was visiting here an average of once a year.

It's not like the park hasn't been giving me new reasons to visit. O.K. nothing on the scale of the signature coaster Rage that opened in 2007, but they've continued to add new rides and upgrade exciting attractions.

I think the main factor is it's been the biggest victim of the reduced amount of leisure time and money I have since moving out of my parents old house. It's a park I can do as an easy daytrip, but it's a longer and more expensive journey for me personally than a lot of other daytrip parks. Some new rules to the train journeys, which meant I couldn't take an off peak journey until later in the day didn't help things either.


So what's changed then? One big surprise, which 5 years ago I wouldn't have believed possible, is they've packed even more to do in the compact space available. Before I was impressed with how much there was to do that helped the fun atmosphere. Now there's even more to do, with one of the highest concentrations of attractions per square foot in any park I've been to.

The rides on offer are good. There's the afore mentioned Rage, along with 4 other respectable family coasters, some good scenic rides, and a nice number of thrill rides. This is a nice collection, although quite a lot of the rides fall in to the do once and forget about category, especially the thrill rides, where only the Dragon's Claw and Time Machine standing out. Hopefully there will be another more notable thrill ride or two in the near future.

Given the small space and short queues it's not a park you'll spend all day at, although you should get a good number of rides done in a short time. I reckon you should always get your money's worth.

Overall it doesn't quite have the rides to make it a must do park, but it still ranks as a nice afternoon out. For me it's one I'll be waiting for a few new rides before I do it again, but if it's easier for you to get to it's worth baring in mind.