Some good light, and a dramatic sky backdrop really help this photo of the Cobra at Paultons Park. Combined with good positioning of the car, plus a little cropping of the photo to help focus on the U-turn structure make a very striking and effective photograph.



On a trip to London I had the luxury of both time and great lighting conditions to take photos of the London Eye. This meant I took lots of great photos. I struggled to choose which ones to use in the London Eye Photo Album, because I had so many ones I liked, but I had to draw the line somewhere. I used 30 in the end, including a few night shots I'd taken on a previous visit. Here I've done a montage of 3 of my favourites.



The rules of photography say you shouldn't take a photo facing into the sun. Over the years I've ignored that rule  to create some dramatic silhouette shots, including this highly dramatic one of the hill lift of Speed at Oakwood.



This is a beautiful shot of the Black Widow's Web at Lightwater Valley. The rides in a perfect dramatic position, plus the sky and the trees make a great backdrop.



A great shot of one of the trains going round the corkscrew of Nemesis. The timing of the picture is great, with the train right in the centre of the picture.



A dramatic shot of a car on Saw passing under the themed blades, combined with some dramatic vibrant colours create this great exciting photo.



One of the problems I had at Flamingo Land was it was a quiet day so it meant a long wait to get a photo of a lot of the rides operating, and with limited time at the park this wasn't always an option. I got lucky though when going on the cable car and got this spectacular view of Kumali with the train in an almost perfect location. This along with a spectacular sky making a great backdrop makes a great photo.



A very dramatic picture of the hill lift of the Big One silhouetted against a dramatic sky drop. The steel silhouette and the flare from the sun makes for a very interesting photo.




A dramatic shot of Edge at Paultons Park. The great lighting enhances the vibrant colours and the great landscaping. The positioning of the giant disc is also perfect creating a stunning picture.



When I first got to Adventure Island to try Rage the sky was very gloomy, and it didn't look like I would be able to get some very good photos. Luckily there was a change of weather later in the day providing some great conditions, helped by the fact you can walk around a large part of the ride to get photos from various angles.
The favourite one I took is this dramatic one of the vertical loop with the hill lift and first drop in the background. I think what really makes it is the drama created from being so close to the ride.