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This photo was taken in Cleethorpes down the road from the park. Have a look at the last line on the notice.
No I haven't photo shopped it, the L really is missing, either that or there's an attraction where you really can paddle in poo.

Here's a photo of Thorpe Park. No not that one, the caravan park in Cleethorpes, located conveniently next to Pleasure Island.
It's a nice park, with a nice pool, and some other good facilities. The holiday camp entertainment isn't that great though. There was one called what's the chocolate in the box. Basically you ask someone can they guess the chocolate in the box, they ask is it a Twix, No, is it a Mars Bar, No, is it a Dairy Milk, No. This went on for twenty minutes.
Eventually someone guessed it was a Nestle Dairy Crunch, and won a bar of chocolate. Everyone else, having just wasted twenty minutes of their life on this game where definitely losers.