Myths about energy saving

How many times have you heard about the universal truths of energy saving? There have always been myths about how to save on the electricity bill, an immovable list that possessed the absolute truth, does it sound true to you? Turn off the heating or keep it on? LED lights, ally or enemy? Today at Good Finance we come to deny these myths about saving the electricity bill .

False myths about energy saving


Stand-by devices do not consume energy

Stand-by devices are those that are plugged in but are not being used at that time; therefore, its consumption is “ghost . ” These devices may be turned off, or at rest, but remain connected. For example, the TV or the DVD, have a small red light that illuminates when the device is turned off but connected to the mains. The same goes for thieves, plugs with several inputs or the coffee maker.

Although it is one of the most widespread myths, this legend is not true. It is not only that it consumes energy, but it consumes much more than we think. Stand-by devices represent 10.7% of the total consumption of the home .

LED lights consume a lot of energy


This myth is that, just a myth. LED bulbs are the most efficient light bulb models at the time of light, also saving up to 80% to incandescent bulbs . An LED bulb of about 14 W is equivalent to an incandescent bulb of about 100 W, about 20 W of a low consumption bulb. In addition, LED bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours , therefore, the cost of buying home bulbs is significantly reduced. Haven’t you switched to the LED yet? It is a safe bet for energy saving , sign up for change!

It is better to keep the fluorescent lights on than to turn it off and on

What do you think about this myth? The truth is that the difference between keeping the fluorescent lights on and turning them on only when we need them does not mean more or less expense. The only increase in the cost that could turn off and on according to the needs of the person is to reduce the life of the fluorescent , so you would make the purchase of this type of luminaire more frequently; So your saving capacity would be slightly better.

The short cycle of the washing machine consumes less

This myth is categorically false, why? The short cycles of the washing machine, like those of the dishwasher, are designed to save time, not energy!

The key to saving in this case is not this type of cycles, but always use cold water in your washing machines . Another way to save? Schedule shorter or not centrifuges even if you want to program them in summer, you can reduce the electricity bill by doing something as simple as tending your clothes freshly washed in the sun, it will be dry in an instant!

The electric cooker spends less than the gas cooker


Again, another totally false myth. In fact, it is quite the opposite: electric cookers, that is, ceramic hobs, suppose a higher consumption than gas cookers . This increase in consumption, depending on the appliances, the cost of the ceramic hob can be four times higher than that of the gas cooker. Our recommendation? If you are going to opt for an electric cooker we recommend that you choose an induction cooker, they are somewhat more expensive but the efficiency is much higher.

In addition to the appliances it is important to remember what type of energy each of them uses: the electric cooker uses light so that the price of consumption of this will always be higher than that of the gas cooker, for the simple fact that the price of light is considerably greater than that of gas.

Save on your electricity bill with Good Finance

Save on your electricity bill with Good Finance

Now that you know the truth about these myths in energy saving you can start saving. If you already knew that these myths were not true and acted correctly, in Good Finance we can help you reduce your electricity bill even without changing companies. 

In less than 2 minutes you will see what you can save and, in addition, without worrying about the efforts or permanence. We have already helped save 6,500 Good Finance users an average of € 250 with their electricity bill and now we want to help you.

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