Winter Wonderland,
Hyde Park January 2011

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January 2012 Update

This report is from a trip I made to the Winter Wonderland event I attended at Hyde Park, London in January 2011. I had heard some criticism of this event before visiting, mostly related to the cost. The lack of a pay one price policy for an event this big is noticeable, and does turn an event that could be a whole day out in to one that's a few hours worth. I can though see why they don't offer wristbands, even if they could negotiate with the various owners of the rides, so they all agreed to accept them, judging by how busy it was when all the attractions were pay per go, making it pay one price could make the crowds and queues intolerable.
The other criticism was the cost of rides individually. I would agree that a lot of them were a pound over the going rate I'd expect to pay at a normal fair. I would say though this wasn't a normal fair, with a much higher quality of rides and decoration than you normally expect. When you also add in the other attractions at the event like the Christmas Markets and Ice Rink. All this extra effort to raise the bar does mean I didn't come away begrudging the extra money I spent. I wouldn't have any misgivings about attending a future event like this, even with the extra cost.

Here's the big arch they've put up at the main entrance.

As we as the funfair there was this large Christmas market area. It was beautifully decorated, and had a great range of stalls. It would be a good place to do some Christmas shopping.

Another photo showing the beautiful markets.

A photo taken further in to the markets.

That animatronic Moose was a nice touch. It sings and talks to entertain visitors.

One thing that helped this event stand out was a large number of rides imported from the European fairground circuit.

This was one of the best traveling fun houses I've been on. It's well decorated, has a great number of features, including a mirror maze at the end.

One of the new additions this year was the addition of rides from Carters Steam Fair, including this steam yacht.

There were a noticeable number of absences, with no sign of the Penny Arcade, and several of the thrill rides missing. It would be good to see them added if they were able to expand the event at a later event.

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January 2012 Update