My Dream Theme Park Routes


The idea for this feature came from a book I got for Christmas called "Dream Routes of the World". It's a travel based coffee table book, that gives an outline of some of the worlds major tourist routes. This got me thinking what some of the best theme park routes around the world would be. I ruled out some locations like Florida and China, as I wanted routes, rather than trips based around one or two Cities, but this still left me with quite a few options. Here I've compiled my own personal top 5 theme park routes I would love to make if I had the time and money.


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1: Adventure Island 2: Great Yarmouth 3: Wicksteed 4: Fantasy Island + Bottons
5: Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes 6: Flamingo Land 7: Lightwater Valley 8: Blackpool
9: Camelot Theme Park 10: Alton Towers 11: Drayton Manor 12: West Midlands Safari Park
13: Oakwood + Folly Farm 14: Coney Beach + Barry Island 15: Paultons Park 16: Thorpe Park + Chessington

5: England + Wales
Numbers 1 to 3 fell in to place pretty quickly, 4 and 5 were more of a competition. Number 5 came down to between this trip, and one starting in Toronto, and heading South to the North-Eastern United States. In the end my own personal patriotism won out.
This trip involves a large circuit of England and Wales, taking in most of the major parks along the way. I did consider a diversion to Scotland to do Loudoun Castle and M+D''s but thought it was to large a diversion for this route. There's also quite a few extra small parks you could do on the way if you had time, most noticeable East along the coast from Paultons Park.


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1: Tivoli Gardens + Bakken 2: BonBon Land 3: Sommerland Syd 4: Legoland Billund
5: Tivoli Friheden 6: Djurs Sommerland 7: Farup Sommerland 8: Liseberg
9: Skara Sommarland 10: TusenFryd 11: Parken Zoo 12: Grona Lund
13: Linnanmaki 14: Sarkanniemi 15: Powerland 16: Tykkimaki
17: Wonder Island 18: Gorky Park + Attractionmania + Sokolniki Park  

4: Scandinavia + Russia
Scandinavia is an area regarded as one of the great hidden gems in the world of amusement parks. Despite having loads of friendly and hospitable parks, and some very noteworthy rides (including my all time number one coaster, Balder in Liseberg) the parks here don't get that much worldwide recognition outside the major coaster enthusiast community.
This route secured it's place at number 4 when I looked at the maps and realised you could also visit St Petersburg and Moscow. As well as visiting the main parks mentioned here, and some of the smaller ones in these two Cities if you have time, you'd also get the chance to visit some very interesting parts of the world.


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1: Mitsui Greenland 2: Space World 3: Washuzan Highland 4: Hirakata + Universal Studios
5: Nagashima Spa Land 6: Fuji-Q Highland 7: Yomiurland 8: Tokyo Dome City + Disneyland
9: Tobu Zoo 10: Nasu Highland    

3: Japan
One of the main reasons I ranked this at number 3 was because Japan is one of the main countries in the world I'd like to visit some day that I haven't yet visited. Not only that, but Japan has a huge selection of parks, including a 4th dimension rollercoaster, and the worlds tallest chain lift powered coaster. It wasn't until I started researching this feature that I realised just how much Japan has to offer the coaster enthusiast. The main area is around Tokyo, which has two Disney parks and quite a few smaller parks within the City, plus a good number of notable parks within day trip distance. The ultimate trip though would be to drive across Japan sightseeing and visiting the various parks along the way.


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1: Plopsaland 2: Boudewijn Seapark 3: Bobbejaanland 4: Apenheul + DippieDoe
5: Efteling 6: Drievliet + Duinrell 7: Walibi World + Dolfinarium 8: Toverland
9: Movie Park Germany 10: Phantasialand 11: Nurburgring 12: Holiday Park
13: Erlebnispark Tripsdrill 14: Legoland 15: Skyline Park 16: Europa Park
17: Walygator Parc 18: Nigloland 19 Parc Asterix 20 Parc Saint Paul
21: Bagatelle      

2: Belgium, Holland, Germany and France
There are quite a few possible trips in Europe. I've already mentioned Scandinavia, plus parks located in Spain and Italy could form the basis of a good trip. I think the ultimate European trip though would take in Germany and Holland. Not only do they have some of the best parks on offer, but they also have parks with a unique European character to them. Ideally I'd time a trip like this to also include one of the major German fairs at Stuttgart or Munich.
Here I've extended the trip to include Belgium and France, to make it one you could do by getting a ferry across the channel and back. Although the time taken to do a full trip like this wouldn't be easy to come by, a shortened version of this trip is a genuine possibility.


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1: Belmont Park + SeaWorld San Diego + San Diego Zoo 2: Disneyland, California + Knott's Berry Farm
3: Universal Studios + Pacific Park 4: Six Flags Magic Mountain 5: Santa Maria
6: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk + Gilroy Gardens 7: Californian Great America 8: San Francisco
9: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom      

1: California
This one was always going to be my number one choice. It has a combination of some great parks set in a great location to visit them. It starts down in San Diego, taking in Sea world and the World famous zoo, before driving up the coast of California to Anaheim, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz and San Francisco.
You have probably noticed I've put in an alternate route at step 5. If I had the opportunity to do this I would stick to taking in the opportunity of driving along the whole coast, taking in the sights along the way, but to make it strictly a theme park trip you could drive inland to Las Vegas instead.