The HHH Tour:
The Return of Le Tronne
This report sees a change in the format of the report. I'm now linking directly to my facebook albums from the trips. This allows for easier viewing of all the photos at once, and also saves me the trouble of doing two separate reports.
This one is from a trip to Paris I made in April 2015, taking in both Parc Asterix and Europe's largest funfair the Foire de Trone.
Parc Asterix The Foire De Trone
Paris Sightseeing Part 1 Paris Sightseeing Part 2
Paris Zoos  
Hidden House
A report and review of the Hidden House horror maze that was operating at Westfield in London over Christmas 2014.
My Favourite 10 Prague Dime Museums
A look at some of my favourite entertainment based museum in Prague, looking at things like mirror mazes, waxworks and toy museums.
The Spanish Aventura
A report from October 2013 when I visited both Barcelona, and made my first ever trip to PortAventura.
Last Chance for History
A report from a holiday I took in Budapest in June 2013, which included a visit to Vidam Park, a great horror attraction and a local bobsleigh course.
Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park: December 2012
A report from the Winter Wonderland Event held in Hyde Park from when we visited in December 2012.
Beast Anglia
report from a visit to East Anglia in October 2012, where we visited a number of Halloween events and a local steam museum.
Scream If You Want To Go Pasta
report from a trip to North-East Italy in June 2012 where I visited Movie Land, Mirablilandia, Fiabilandia and Gardaland.
The Doctor Who Experience
A review and photo album of the Doctor Who Experience temporarily set up in London.
The Return of Legends Tour
A report from July 2011, where I visited the large Kirmes funfair in Dusseldrof, Movie Park Germany, and Toverland.

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park: January 2011
A report from the Winter Wonderland Event held in Hyde Park from January 2011.

The Superhero Tour
A report from an off season trip we made to Madrid in November 2010, which included Parque Warner and Parque De Atracciones.

Going to the Poles
Several reports from some trips I made around Poland during a City break to Warsaw in July 2010.


The Eastern Discovery Tour
This is a report of a major trip I made to Beijing in China in October 2009. It covers both amusement parks and tourist spots I visited while based in Beijing.