Going to the Poles

This is a report from where I was on a City Break to Warsaw in June 2010. As well as a break there I also took a few days out to check out some of the amusement parks found in Poland. Rather than a full report which would include a lot of little relevance to a theme parking site I've done the report in parts, so it's concentrated on the parks.

I have included some transport information in the report as well. It should be warned though that the transport system in Poland can be a major nightmare, and this is from someone who's caught trains around Europe and used the public transport system of Beijing for 2 weeks. One big problem is the information given on the Polrail Website and found at the stations comes across like a work of fiction at times. The big problem though is the lack of signage at stations, meaning you don't always know which platform to try, the train times, or which stops the train will stop at. I've given what I think is the best method to use after some trial and error, sticking to major train stations in the center of the towns and cities. Even with this information though making your way around Poland outside of the major tourist cities is not something I'd recommend an inexperienced traveler trying.

Part 1: Warsaw Sightseeing

Part 2: Katowice Amusement Park and Zoo

Part 3: Warsaw Zoo

Part 4: Park Szczesliwicki Alpine Coaster

Part 5: Lodz Luna Park Amusement Park and Zoo