Scream If You Want To Go Pasta:

This report is from my main trip of 2012, where I visited North-East Italy in early June. Italy has seen a lot of development in the theme park front in recent years. I remember about 4 years ago it was somewhere we saw as a low priority, but thanks to some recent new additions in the region we visited, not to mention in other parts of Italy it has risen up in the ranks.
One warning I will give is the pollen and heat do get bad in Italy even in early June. That and the fact Italy has long school holidays (mid June - end August) would mean I wouldn't do a coaster trip without regular rest days later than mid June, and would avoid August completely. These issues aside it's a good coaster location, and has a huge amount of potential if you wanted to do a holiday that combines theme parks and sightseeing.

Day 1/6: Verona Sightseeing

Day 2: Movie Land Park

Day 3: Mirabilandia

Day 4: Fiabilandia

Day 5: Gardaland

Travelling by Train in Italy:
If your planning to use the train to get around you'll need to use the Tren Italia website. There is an English version you can get by clicking the link on the home page. It is though still one of the more annoying train websites I've used planning a trip in Europe. Once you have the exact station names (from the report or google maps) you can just about get details, although not always that far in advance. For a lot of times I just had to put in a date in a few days time to get a rough idea of what was and wasn't possible. Even when I did get times for the days I visited, I found they sometimes had different times than the ones visited when I brought the tickets on the day.
Apparently you can buy tickets in advance, but after several failed goes I gave up on that one. Luckily it's very easy to buy tickets from the larger train stations. They have modern English speaking ticket machines. As well as tickets for immediate departure you have the option of changing the departure time/date and even the departure station, so you could buy a whole weeks of tickets at once if you wanted to. I also found some of the prices were a lot cheaper at the machines than on the website. The return journey from Verona to Lake Garda were 15 Euros online, but only 6 Euros from the station.
One last thing to remember when you have your tickets is you have to validate them shortly before you start your journey using a yellow box at the train station that prints the time and date when you insert the ticket. These can be annoying if your not use to remembering them, but make sure you don't forget, otherwise your ticket won't be valid for your journey.