Last Chance For History:

To be honest this report is a little on the self indulgent side, as there's quite a lot of non theme park related stuff. To counter this a little I've split it onto parts, rather than daily reports, so those who just want to see the theme park related stuff can just do the Vidam Park, Murder the Exhibition (one of the best horror attractions I've ever done) and page 2 of the Visegrad report.
This report is from a trip I made to Budapest and a couple of nearby towns in June 2013. The main park of the trip was Vidam Park, which I'm very glad I did as it will close and be incorporated in to Budapest Zoo next door in the near future. I'm very glad I got to visit before this happened, as it was a nice fun park, including some ride I would have hated to miss.
Despite the closure of the City's main amusement park I still reckon I'll be returning to Budapest at some point. It was a very nice city, with a number of great things to do and see including a number of historic buildings, 2 good zoos and the Marzipan Museum in Szentendre.

Part 1: Vidam Park

Part 2: Murder The Exhibition

Part 3: Budapest Sightseeing

Part 4: Visegrad Bobsleigh Track and Sightseeing

Part 5: Szentendre Sightseeing

Part 6: Budapest Zoo

Part 7: Vadas Wildlife Park