The Return of Legends Tour:

This report is part of one of the maddest two weeks I've done while visiting any theme parks. The main trip planned for 2011 was eight days based in Blackpool and Leeds doing various parks and attractions around there. Then with about a month to go I found out there was a major funfair in Dusseldorf, including Olympia Looping, a roller coaster I've been wanting to ride for years, in my remaining  time off when I got back for Blackpool. When I found out I could get a hotel and flight from Gatwick very cheaply the temptation was too much to resist. When I also realised 2 of the my most desired parks I had never been to were also been in to the area I was coming back from a trip to Blackpool and flying out the next day. If I had more time I would have been tempted to make this trip even longer, as it's easy to also get to Phantasialand and Efteling  from Dusseldorf.
The end result was a tiring 2 weeks, but a very enjoyable one. The Blackpool trip was very enjoyable, and so was the Dusseldorf one. The cheap flights and the funfair was enough reason on it's own to make the journey. When accompanied by the chance to do some major parks I would say doing this trip at some point is a must do for a theme park enthusiast.

The Biggest Fair on The Rhine: Dusseldorf

Movie Park Germany


Dusseldorf Sightseeing and Aquazoo