The Doctor Who Experience



I've taken the unusual step here of writing a review intended primarily for the trips report section. This is because it's a temporary attraction, currently scheduled to be at London Olympia until February 2012. You can check out the official website for more details.

So what does the experience consist of. It has 2 main areas, 3 if you include the shop and cafe area. The first part is a themed walkthrough attraction, working in a not dissimilar way to the dungeon attractions. You walk around various scenes in which different films play, or different effects activate. I don't want to spoil too much, but fans of the show will find a lot to like. There's one scene that takes place in a recreation of the Tardis, a scene where you encounter a group of daleks, and a scene where you walk through a dark forest where whatever you do you mustn't blink. This all leads up to the finale scene where you watch a 3D film.

The production values of the experience are first class. All the sets are highly detailed, and do a great job of immersing you in the story. There's no undecorated walls and no dull moments. A lot of effort has gone in to making a top class attraction.

After this section there's a large museum section consisting of models and costumes from the show. It's primarily aimed at a younger modern audience, with only a small amount of pre Eccleston material and behind the scenes info on making the show. Instead there are lots of great models and costumes from the show, with information about the back story with each one.

Overall this is a great attraction, a definite must for fans of the show. The only issue to discuss is the price. It's 20 on the day (although you can save quite a bit prebooking online) which is pricey for an attraction that only lasted around an hour, including the museum. I didn't come away feeling overcharged, and enjoyed it enough that I would pay to do it again if I found myself in London with some free time. This might put off non fans of the show, although there can't be that many non fans considering a visit anyway. For fans of the show though I'd advise trying to do this before it ends.

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