Studio Tram Tour



All things considered, I'm giving this ride a much higher score than it really deserves. Most of the ride is based around a backstage tour of the World of films. The truth is this doesn't make for an exciting ride. Most of it is just brief looks at costumes and props and sets. They don't go in to anything to complex to ensure appeal to the family market. This results is there won't be anything that comes as a revelation to anyone who's watched a few DVD extras.

A lot of the route is decorated with props, sets and vehicles from various Disney productions. This could be exciting if they where from some more memorable productions. Instead you have sets from the likes of Dinotopia, Pearl Harbour and Reign of Fire. Surely it's time to update this ride with some leftover pieces from some of their more recent and popular live action films to make this a more worthwhile attraction.

This ride though is saved by one redeeming feature, and if you've been on this ride you probably know what I'm talking (or typing) about. The special effects demonstration section. This is a huge set, consisting of a large canyon with a road with a petrol truck on it. When you stop here there is a spectacular special effects sequence with the truck crashing, setting on fire, then being engulfed in a flash flood. This section alone is enough to make this a must do ride if you've never encountered anything like it before, and manages to make what would otherwise be a pretty dull attraction, one that does merit a go.