Die Schlange von Midgard



Now Germany already has one manufacturers showcase park, in the form of Europa Park, which is owned by the German manufacturers Mack, is used to showcase their rides, and now we have Hansa park that has turned into a showcase of some of the best rides from German manufactures Gerstlauer, with their two big signature coasters and one of the best examples of a small family coaster I've ever come across.

The fact I refer to it as a small family coaster is significant, as to look at it's layout you'd be forgiven for thinking it's a kiddie coaster, rather than a family one. It has a simplistic layout based around a single helix and doesn't have that high a lift. Don't be fooled though, this ride packs a surprising punch, providing more g-force and thrills in it's tight layout than many much larger family coasters ever manage to.

What really stands it above the rest though is the theming. Even to look, it's in a great setting over a large pool, and set against some well themed buildings. The real innovation though comes when you ride it. Between the station and the hill lift is an area indoor the train runs around slowly as various models activate. This in itself is a wonderful touch, but what really puts it ahead of the pack is when you pass through this area for a second lap you'll notice some doors have closed, some have opened and the lighting changes, making passing through it a second time different to the first.

The end result of a great coaster combined with an inspired themed experience is a great ride. I struggle to think of other examples of a coaster this small being a must try, but in this case, unless the queue gets stupidly long, it's definitely one I'd want to try when visiting Hansa Park.