With two major coasters waiting towards the back of Hansa Park you'd be forgiven if you headed strait for them. I wouldn't blame you either, but you'd be wrong to totally discount the rides closer to the front of the park. One of the first things you'll see when you enter the park is two coasters next to each other, and even crossing over at some points, with the family coaster passing through the big loop of this Schwarzkopf classic. Now if your an enthusiast and see the worlds loops and Schwarzkopf together you know it should be a good ride, and you'd be correct.

From the first drop it tears around the track at a thrilling rate, taking in the signature big loop, and taking a lot of tight twists and turns on the way. As you'd expect it's a great layout, the only problem I have with this one as the ending does seem a little abrupt. It finishes with you speeding down a drop and in to a tunnel, where the train suddenly slows down and makes it's way to the station, even though your really still expecting more with the pace of the track at that point. That's not too major a point though, perhaps it stops it ranking up there with some of the best Schwarzkopf's, but it's still a great ride. It might be a little overshadowed by more modern rides today, but it's still one you'll want to try on a visit to the park.