If you think about it there have been relatively few vertical drop coasters from B+M compared to their other types of coasters. A big issue could be the height required, that rule them out from a lot of parks that don't have planning consent for taller rides, and can't afford to dig a giant hole in the ground. More recently you also have the Eurofighters from Gerstauler instead, that allow a park to build a coaster with a vertical drop with the need for less money and height.

The example your probably most familiar with is Oblivion, which makes use of the spectacular first drop by setting it over a hole in the ground. After that though it's a simplistic layout that doesn't really fully explore the concept. Here though they've explored the concept a little more. It starts out with the familiar hill lift, and taking you to a familiar holding section that sees you looking strait down at the drop. Unlike Oblivion it's set above a lake, so it can't drop in to a hole in the ground. They go a long way to make up for this though with the theming of a shipwreck and the sea monster, with the drop going down in to the mouth of the monster. From there it's a fast and thrilling splash in to the water then in to a half loop, followed by a twist and a fast corner, then it's on to the final brake run.

What there is of the coaster is excellent. It's up there with some of the most thrilling steel coasters I've done. The problem is that it doesn't feel like there's enough of it, it feels like it's over a little to quickly, there needs to be a little more to elevate it up there with the other major steel coasters it's competing with.

Is it worth doing? Well I often talk about queue length at this point, and I feel it's especially true in this case. When I went the queue was around an hour, a lot of this I have to say I felt was down to slow operation of the ride, meaning the queue moved a lot slower than it had to. For that amount of time I felt it wasn't worth it, and it did stop me doing repeat goes of the ride. Anything up to 30 minutes and I'd be willing to join, but above that, although it's a great thrilling ride it's over too quickly to be worth a longer queue.