Schwur des Karnan



Now a lot of parks are looking for a good gimmick. Something that you can base an advertising campaign around to get people interested and coming to your park. Now the results can be mixed. There are times when a good gimmick has enhanced a coaster and made it something extra special, but there are also times when the result is a ride more disappointing than a well designed non gimmicked ride would be. Well if I was a park manager at this particular moment in time, and I was looking for a gimmick this would be the coaster I'd look to inspiration from.

Now it's not entirely original, the vertical hill lift and beyond vertical drop made popular by Gerstlauer has already been used in a lot of places, but here they've supersized it and poured a lot of spice on top. For a start it hits the 200 foot mark on the stats table, making it a far more daunting prospect than most rides of this type, especially if your scared of heights. Don't worry though it's not the acrophobia that will get to you, it's the claustrophobia. Not satisfied with building an epic hill lift and drop, they've gone and enclosed them in a giant building. This sees you looking up at monumental hill lift, while enclosed in a tight building, so even before the first big drop your heart is pounding in anticipation.

Now you'd read that and think that would be more than enough, but they've done something even more exciting. Before I go on though SPOILER WARNING. I'm about to talk about a big surprise, so would recommend you stop reading if you don't want to know. Right, so your near the top of the hill lift when the car your in comes to a stop, while still vertical near the top of the hill lift. From there comes the big shock, as you plunge back down the hill lift backwards, only stopping just short of the close to 200 foot backwards plunge. It's scary, and also one of the biggest rushes of adrenaline I've ever experienced anywhere. As the train climbed the hill lift for the second time I was trembling as a result of the amount of adrenalin surging through my body. From there it's on to drop a second time, this time going forward, plunging strait down until you emerge in to the daylight. From there a good roller coaster waits, that sees you tearing around the track at a thrilling rate around what is a particularly interesting layout for a 200 foot plus coaster, that usually stick to a simpler out and back layout.

So overall it's a great coaster, but it's the gimmicked hill lift that is what everyone will remember. It's what elevates this ride from a good ride to one of my favourite steel roller coasters ever.