Heide Park is well landscaped, but the theming can be a little sporadic. Not because of it's quality, but because of the lack of immersion. Granted there's a few examples of themed areas, but a lot of the time it's more like good decoration, rather than something that creates the feeling of being in a themed world. This is a shame really as when they do it well they have some good results.

Here is a good example. At first glance you would just assume it's another example of a powered mine train coaster, seen in numerous locations, but riding it was a real surprise. For starters instead of the usual, and predictable wild west mine they've themed it around an alpine style theme, which starts with the look of the station. The big surprise though comes when the ride sets off in to a large indoor themed area, where there are a good number of models set up, creating a nice themed area as the train climbs up. After that the train speeds up as it moves around the track at a pretty good pace, providing a nice level of thrills for a family coaster.

It doesn't do anything that revolutionary, but brings enough to the table to make it stand out in the memory a little, making it worth a quick go if your passing.