Flug dem Deminom



In many ways I have to wonder why Hyde Park didn't fare as well as it should on paper. Take the line up of signature coasters, an intamin wooden coaster, an intamin power launched, and two steel coasters from B+M. On paper that sounds like one of the best line ups of roller coasters your going to find anywhere. In reality, although the coasters all deliver to an extent, none of them really blew me away, and gave an experience that made me want to return to the park at a later date.

The worst offender has to be this one though. It's a B+M wing rider, like Swarm at Thorpe Park, where the seats stick out from the side of the track. To look at it looks like a great ride, set on a large scale, tearing around a large area, with a number of interesting elements, including a half loop style first drop.

To ride though it just doesn't deliver on it's promise. It never gathers enough pace to ever feel thrilling, at most points it feels like it's just going through the motions, at some points it just becomes boring.

To be fare this isn't a criticism just aimed at this coaster. Quite a few wing riders have had the same problem, it appears to be a problem with this type of ride as a whole, thanks to the size and weight of the cars. It's a shame really, I know from riding Raptor at Gardaland that a good example of this type of ride can really blow you away, but it's not an easy thing to pull off, meaning your not guaranteed a good coaster for your investment. In this case you've got a coaster you could happily skip on a visit to the park.