El Paso Express



With lots of modern investments it would be easy to forget about some of Hansa Park's older rides, but it does have a number of notable old school rides, most notably Nessie, but they also have this. A rare example of an unusual type of powered coaster.

It's layout is very simplistic, consisting of two big circles of track, almost on top of one another that the train speeds around in a tight circuit. It's so tight that even the track around the station is steeply banked, so a special device is included to tilt the trains up for loading, and then tilt them back down into place for when the ride is in motion.

The combination of a good pace around the track, and some decent theming make this a good family coaster, however there's a little extra twist that makes this stand out from other small powered more than it's quirky layout. During the ride you spend a fair amount of time going forward, but there are the times when the train slows down, and starts to head backwards instead, adding a nice bit of variety and extra excitement to proceedings. Thinking about it, this could be a good way to spice up a couple of powered coasters I could think off, that are currently overlooked in favour of more modern rides.

Overall not quite a must do, but unless your visiting on a nightmarish day the chances are the queue won't be so bad this won't be worth a go.