Now it's not than unusual for a park to set out to break a record, or set out to achieve a world first. Sometimes this can lead to a great ride, sometimes you end up with something more disappointing. It also raises the question what happens when your records broken, or other places use the same gimmick? What becomes of your ride then. This ride was a record breaker when it opened, worlds steepest drop, at 196 foot (they use the metric system in Germany, so that's why it's not 4 foot higher) it was the worlds tallest wooden coaster. Now it's no longer the tallest woodie, despite what it says at one point in the queue, it's far from being the steepest, so what have you got left?

Thankfully the answer is a pretty good wooden coaster. Of course with such a monumental first drop it's not going to disappoint. The tension builds up nicely on the hill lift as you take in the view of the surrounding area, and then plunge down the first drop at a fast and thrilling rate. From there it's a simplistic layout running a strait route out over a number of hills and dips, before turning around and coming back in a similar fashion. With such a simplistic layout you could end up with a boring ride, but this one takes the hills and dips at a manic thrilling pace, lifting you out your seat on every hill, ensuring this is never less than thrilling. There's a notable amount of roughness on the hills, but not enough to detract from things in any major way.

How would I rank it overall? Well when compared to the very best wooden coasters I've done it doesn't quite rank up there with the best of them, but once you've done the elite this is definitely best of the rest, meaning you definitely want to give it a go if you get a chance.