Now I did a little research when preparing to visit Hyde Park, and I saw very little mention of this ride. I'd seen a few pictures and recognised it as a bobsleigh style coaster, where the train runs down a large metal pipe instead of on a track. An interesting gimmick that had limited success, with a number of examples like the Avalanche at Blackpool being built, but it never really took off in a major way.

Now I mentioned the Avalanche, and having heard so little that was what I was expecting from this ride. A pretty standard example of this type of ride. I was pleasantly surprised though when I came across a much more elaborate example.

Rather than the standard descending from one end to another layout, here you have a much more elaborate layout that sees the track criss crossing, and going up and down around different areas. It keeps up a good level of family thrills throughout the ride, and lasts around the right amount of time as well, ensuring you feel satisfied, without outstaying it's welcome and becoming repetitive.

Now it wasn't that long ago after doing Trace du Hourra at Parc Asterix that I wondered what it would be like if the full potential of the bobsleigh coaster gimmick was achieved. Well unless something really surprising happens in the future this is probably the closest we'll ever get to an answer. The answer being a fun and thrilling family coaster.