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14th November 2015
For this update I've put up links to my facebook albums from my recent Hamburg based trip, including albums from
Hansa Park, Heide Park and the giant Bremen Freimarkt funfair.

7th July 2015
For this update I've added 10 new ride reviews including a load of new photos, from Parc Asterix to the European reviews section, in the form of; the parks recently added haunted swing ride
Le Defi De Cesar, Epidemais Croisiere, Goudurix, Grand Splash, Menhir Express, L’Oxygénarium, my new all time favourite steel coaster OzIris, Tonnerre de Zeus, Trace Du Hourra, and Transdemonium.

25th May 2015
For this update I've put up links to my facebook albums from a recent trip to Paris where I visited both Parc Asterix and Europe's largest funfair the Foire Du Trone.

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